A journey to your unique harmonic creativity blueprint

Made exactly for you. You are here on this earth to create!

    1. Intro and Lesson 1 ~ Be Kind

    2. Lesson 2 ~ Be Devoted

    3. Lesson 3 ~ Be Open

    4. Lesson 4 ~ Be On Time

    5. Lesson 5 ~ Be Loud. Then Be Quiet.

    6. Lesson 6 ~ Be a Dreamer

    7. Lesson 7 ~ Be Brave

    8. Lesson 8 ~ Be the Creative

    9. Thank you from my heart

    1. My tips for selling art on social media

    2. About frequency and creativity

    3. The Power of Your Story

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  • 12 lessons

"Jennifer is a natural teacher! This course is a beautiful treasure chest of wisdom."

This course is for anyone yearning to cultivate a sustainable, fulfilling creative practice in their daily life. I share my own practical tools and practices that have allowed me to create a creative temple in this life, to expand and nourish my own creative power, and to share my gifts with the world. This course is not only for artists! It is for every human feeling the calling to live a dedicated, creative life on this planet.